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Education Week

Friday -- Engaging All Students

When students are engaged, student achievement and well-being improves.

Hearing directly from students is critical. The more we can engage students and the more culturally aware and responsive to their lived realities, the more likely we are to understand and effectively respond to their voices and needs. This is especially important now while we are not together physically in our schools and classrooms.

Students can be engaged through relevant and meaningful school work; when they are asked to share their experiences, ideas and input; and when they are involved in their own learning and the decisions made about their learning. This doesn’t change just because we are at home, but we need to find new and maybe more creative ways to support this engagement.

Great work is underway across the system to increase student engagement. And we are committed to hearing from all students, and are working to further to connect directly with students whose voices have been left out or discounted. During this time away from school, staff have reached out to students and families across the TDSB to connect and continue to engage students while we are apart.

Students and staff are keeping busy! Here are some examples:

What a great week! Check out all the great things that were happening across our system in support of student success and well-being on Twitter at #TDSBedweek and take a look at the pin board with lots of awesome highlights.

Thursday – Maintaining Relationships and Connections

Relationships and connections to friends and school staff are a critical and valuable part of the school experience. Ensuring all students have a caring adult to turn to is as important now as it is in our regular schools and classrooms. And encouraging connections help foster feelings of belonging and engagement in learning.

While we are home, finding new ways to connect and maintaining those relationships are crucial. And we are amazed at some of the creative ways our TDSB community is reaching out!

Like the physical education teacher at Regal Road – also known as the Regal Road Runner – who is out and about in the community dressed as the school mascot and connecting (from afar!) with students and encouraging physical activity.

Or the reading buddies who found a way to continue a tradition – and learning – by reading stories over their shared fence.

Or the jam session staff at Runnymede CI put on for their students.

Relationships give us a sense of belonging, and, while we are physically distant from many of our family members and friends right now, maintaining connections with people is more important than ever. Keep connections with your friends and other important people in your life virtually by reaching out, sharing your coping skills, listening to each other, remembering good times and’s the best stress reducer there is!

More of what students and staff are up to!

And check out what’s happening on Twitter, too. That's where our schools turn to highlight learning in and outside of the classroom. What great things are you doing? Follow and share online using #TDSBedweek and tagging @tdsb! 

Wednesday -- Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-Being

Supporting students’ mental health and well-being has always been a focus in the TDSB. And now, more than ever, we are committed to prioritizing the health and well-being of our TDSB community.

Each week, we have focused on a different aspect of well-being  including coping, relationships and gratitude. Check out some of the great strategies and resources available to support your mental health and well-being.

This week, we also recognize Children’s Mental Health Week . During these challenging times, everyone’s mental health and well-being is a priority in the TDSB. Caring for others and being cared for is one of the most powerful protective factors for everyone’s mental health and well-being. Research shows that providing a caring, inclusive and welcoming climate improves resilience and the ability to achieve. We want everyone to focus on noticing, encouraging and acknowledging caring and kind interactions. We need to help ensure that every student feels that they are valued and that they matter. Caring matters now more than ever!

For more strategies and resources, visit our Mental Health and Well-Being page.

What are students and staff up to?

  • St. Georges PS is hosting a daily guided activity to support students' mental health and well-being this week
  • Students at North Toronto CI have organized a virtual mental health week
  • At Windfields MS, students are supporting their community. One student made 300 bagged lunches and shared them with shelters and another student has started a movement of writing letters to people in seniors' homes who can't visit with their families.
  • Annette PS organized a kindness day
  • A Yorkview PS teacher comforts students by reading to them on their front lawns
  • Cassandra PS students painted gratitude rocks for their school garden

And check out what’s happening on Twitter, too. That's where our schools turn to highlight learning in and outside of the classroom. What great things are you doing? Follow and share online using #TDSBedweek and tagging @tdsb!

Tuesday – Learning in a Variety of Ways

Even though schools are closed, learning continues across the TDSB.

Every classroom in the TDSB approaches learning differently in ways that meet the varied needs of students in a particular class. Remote learning is no different as every educator approaches their classroom in a way that is thoughtful and unique to their own students’ learning needs, abilities and experiences. Learning has taken on a variety of forms including online learning, phone connections, email, online classrooms, off-line tasks and more.

In addition to what your teacher and school are sharing, take a look at our online resources:

And check out what’s happening on Twitter, too. That's where our schools turn to highlight learning in and outside of the classroom. What great things are you doing? Follow and share online using #TDSBedweek and tagging @tdsb!

What are students and staff up to? LOTS!

See more on our Education Week Pin Board !

Monday -- Kicking Off Education Week

Education Week kicks off today, Monday, May 4 and it’s definitely one like none other.

This year, school closures and remote learning have had a significant impact on our lives and have dramatically changed how we connect, collaborate, learn and support each other. But our TDSB community has come together and this year, Education Week will celebrate how, in this challenging, uncertain and difficult environment, we have moved forward and worked to support one another.

Ensuring our students and community were supported with the basics in the beginning was critical. We rerouted nutrition funds, delivered PPE to frontline workers and delivered technology devices to families who needed it so students could continue to connect. And TDSB staff reached out to more than 240,000 students and their families to connect, check in and support the launch of remote learning.

The role parents and families have played in this work and your child’s continued learning is not only critical, it’s extraordinary. We are so grateful for your support and the support of our entire TDSB community.

And take a look at our recent trending@tdsb articles, too, and read about the great work that has been happening all year long.

Go ahead and follow us on Twitter, too. That's where our schools turn to highlight learning in and outside of the classroom. What great things are you doing? Follow and share online using #TDSBedweek and tagging @tdsb! 

Be part of the conversation on Twitter with #TDSBedweek. Share the great work you and your school community are doing this week.

Education Week
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