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.FAC.009D Request for School Grounds Design Consultation (937.3 KB)
Schools and Child Care Operators should complete and submit this form to request a School Grounds Design Consultation.
P001 Policy Framework (17.6 KB)
To clarify the intent and governing principles for Board policies
P002 Mission, Values and Goals (114.7 KB)
To outline the Board’s vision and educational aspirations; identify the fundamental convictions of the Board; and share the Board’s commitments with school communities, educational partners, and the public.
P005 Arts Foundation (66.6 KB)
To state the Toronto District School Board's commitment to all of the arts - dance, drama, music and visual arts
P006 Advertising (99.3 KB)
To identify parameters and acceptable best practices for advertising in schools
P010 Leasing of Surplus School Properties (109.8 KB)
To identify the principles guiding the leasing of surplus school properties
P011 Community Use of Board Facilities (Permits) (538.6 KB)
To ensure that community groups/organizations have fair and equitable access to Board facilities when they are not being used for educational purposes.
P012 Budget Approval (77.3 KB)
To identify critical information that must be included when budget matters are considered
P013 Optional Attendance (18.8 KB) Policy Consultation
To establish the Board’s commitment to providing access schools and programs outside a student’s designated attendance area
P014 Staff Changes (25.5 KB)
To establish the approval levels for staff changes
P015 Hiring of Students (52.6 KB)
To establish the parameters for hiring students
P016 Employee and Trustee Expenses (12.6 KB)
To set out the rules that apply to employees and trustees for expenses incurred in carrying out their responsibilities while representing the interests of students, the community and/or the Board.
P017 Purchasing (26.1 KB)
To establish approval authorities for the purchase of goods and services
P018 Trustee Constituency Communications (12.8 KB)
To establish guidelines for trustee communications, such as newsletters, that have mass distribution and are paid for with Board funds
P019 Continuing Education (73.1 KB)
To affirm the Board's commitment to provide Continuing Education programs
P020 Transportation of Students (28.7 KB)
To establish the criteria for the provision of student transportation and safety measures that will be taken
P021 Fundraising (15.3 KB)
To provide guidelines to direct schools when planning fundraising activities
P022 Early Learning and Care (76.6 KB)
To guide system planning, implementation, and improvement across a range of early years programs for children from birth to age 12. These include child care in schools, child and family programs, Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) and elementary education, and before- and after-school programs.
P023 Parent and Community Involvement (80.3 KB)
To establish a framework for building and supporting parent and community involvement in the Toronto District School Board
P024 Educational Programming Partnerships (100 KB)
To govern TDSB educational programming partnerships with the communities, health, arts, social service, education, labour, small business, and corporate sectors; both locally and internationally.
P026 Architect Selection (20.6 KB)
To set out requirements for architect selection committees for major projects.
P028 The Environment (20.3 KB)
To state the Board’s commitment to the focus areas for sustaining the environment: mitigation, adaptation, and education. practices within its control
P029 Employment Equity (16 KB)
To establish the Board's commitment to the development, implementation and maintenance of employment and promotion policies, practices and procedures that result in and sustain a workforce that, at all levels, reflects, understands and responds to a diverse population
P031 Human Rights (39.2 KB)
To establish the Board's commitment to the prevention of discrimination and harassment
P033 Excursions (33.1 KB)
The Excursions Policy (P033) outlines the requirements for organization and execution of out-of-school excursions and field trips within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) system. The Policy also establishes the Board’s commitment to, and a basis for, the full and equitable inclusion of all students in curriculum-based excursions while ensuring that all barriers to access are removed and that safety, accountability and transparency are paramount.
P034 Workplace Harassment Prevention (177.9 KB)
The Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy (P034) is designed to promote a healthy, respectful and supportive working and learning environment. It highlights conduct that may lead to workplace harassment as well as outlines the system’s shared responsibility in fostering a harassment free workplace.
P035 Nutrition Foundation (81.9 KB)
To state the Board's commitment to working with community partners to ensure that students have equitable access to high quality school-based nutrition programs
P036 Homework (34.7 KB)
To establish the Board’s belief that homework is an engaging and relevant learning activity. To establish the Board’s commitment to the assignment of homework in a purposefully planned manner that is directly connected to a student’s school program and learning expectations of the Ontario Curriculum
P037 Equity (565.1 KB)
To ensure that Fairness, Equity, Diversity, Acceptance, Inclusion, and the elimination of all forms of Discrimination are essential principles of our school system and are integrated into all TDSB policies, procedures, programs, operations, and practices.
P038 Transforming Student Learning in Literacy and Mathematics (244.6 KB)
To affirm the Board’s commitment to improve outcomes for all students and to develop and deliver strong, effective literacy and mathematics programs in all TDSB schools.
P039 Electronic Participation in Meetings (94.5 KB)
To govern electronic participation by Trustees in the meetings of the Board of Trustees and its Committees in accordance with the Education Act and its regulations.
P040 Accountability for Student Achievement (75.5 KB)
To outline the Toronto District School Board's principles regarding accountability for student achievement
P041 Distribution and Display of Materials for Students and Parents From External Groups (116 KB)
To provide guidelines for the distribution and display of material
P042 Student Dress (165.7 KB)
To provide students with learning environments that are safe, equitable, welcoming and inclusive and recognizes that decisions about dress reflect individual expression of identity, socio-cultural norms, and economic factors and are personal and important factors to a person’s health and well-being.
P045 Dealing With Abuse and Neglect of Students (129.6 KB)
To provide a safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful learning environment focused on preventing abuse and neglect for all students.
P046 Directional Statements (72.4 KB)
To state the Board's commitment for middle level education, special education low incidence sites, specialized programs, and optional French programs
P047 Naming Schools and Special Purpose Areas (17.4 KB)
To provide guidelines for the naming and renaming of schools, special purpose areas of a school and new additions
P048 Occupational Health and Safety (114.1 KB)
To establish the Board’s commitment to the well-being of its employees through the promotion of health and safety in the workplace and active participation of all employees in the prevention of accidents.
P049 Performance Management: Director of Education (25.9 KB)
To provide a framework for the annual evaluation of the Director's work
P051 Caring and Safe Schools (224.2 KB)
The Caring and Safe Schools Policy (the “Policy”) affirms the Board’s commitment to creating school learning environments that are caring, accepting, safe, peaceful, nurturing, positive, equitable and respectful, and that enable all students to reach their full potential.
P052 Selection, Promotion and Placement of School Principals and Vice-principals (13.2 KB)
To establish the Board's commitment to the provision of exemplary leadership through the selection of its principals and vice-principals
P053 Student Trustee and SuperCouncil Communications (90.7 KB)
To provide guidelines for written and electronic communications sent by student trustees and SuperCouncil members to all secondary school students, student councils, or any other mass distribution
P055 Supervisory Officer Selection (23.3 KB)
To establish the Board's commitment to the provision of exemplary leadership through the selection of its supervisory officers
P057 Employee Conflict of Interest (14.8 KB)
To establish the parameters for employee conduct regarding possible conflict of interest situations
P060 Home Instruction (93.5 KB) New!
The Home Instruction Policy was developed in support of the Board’s legislative duties and obligations under the Education Act and the corresponding Ontario Regulation 298 (Operation of Schools – General) to provide access to curriculum programming and/or remediation for students who are of compulsory school age (18 years old and below) and who are unable to attend school full-time for medical and/or social-emotional reasons.
P061 Students Without Legal Immigration Status (15.9 KB)
To establish the Board's commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for its students regardless of immigration status
P062 Alternative Schools (16.4 KB)
To identify the Board’s commitment to alternative schools that provide unique pedagogy, forms of governance and staff involvement, and strong parental and/or student involvement.
P063 Pre-Examination Moratorium On Major Assignments and Activities (22.2 KB)
To provide the basis for a procedure for schools to follow during pre-examination periods
P066 Reporting of Suspected Wrongdoing (Whistleblowing) (136.3 KB)
To enable trustees, employees, and the general public, including parents and students, to raise concerns about suspected wrongdoing by a trustee or employee of the Board and to ensure protection against reprisal related to reporting of suspected wrongdoing.
P067 Learning Opportunities Index (15.5 KB)
To provide direction to staff regarding the use of the Learning Opportunities Index
Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
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