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Proposed Budget Update June 13, 2019

At Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustees voted to approve the proposed budget reductions needed to balance the 2019-20 Operating Budget. The Board will consider approving the budget reductions recommended by the Committee of the Whole at its Regular Meeting on Wednesday, June 19 at 7:00 p.m. Trustees are required by law to approve a balanced budget by June 30.

School boards across Ontario are facing unique challenges this year with balancing their operating budgets because of millions of dollars in funding reductions by the Ontario Ministry of Education. At the TDSB, trustees face a $67.8 million budget shortfall that includes a $42.1 million cut in provincial government funding.

It is not possible to reduce the budget by $67.8 million without affecting staff or programs. In proposing the reductions, staff was careful not to target one area of the budget and wherever possible, tried to avoid eliminating programs and services. After hearing from the community and trustees, staff were able to modify the reductions to Saturday International Language Programs, Outdoor Education and Bussing for French Programs and Gifted Education.

There will be some reductions and some programs and services will need to be delivered differently, but care has been taken to be sure are sufficient staff and /or budget dollars to continue to support student achievement and well-being.

Among the various reductions were significant cuts to central administration where we will save over $13 million and a reduction of 7 Superintendents.
The TDSB will continue to invest more money in Special Education than what is provided by the Ministry. We are also investing additional funds in the area of school and student safety and protected the early years and model schools.

Details can be viewed at these links:

Watch the June 19 Board Meeting. The Board will vote to approve the budget reductions recommended by the Committee of the Whole at its meeting on June 19 starting at 7:00 p.m. To watch the live webcast of that meeting, visit and follow the live broadcast link. If you miss a webcast, it will be posted below under Board meeting webcast archives.

How You Can Comment on Ministry of Education Budget Reductions: We have received many questions and concerns about the $42.1 million in Ministry of Education funding reductions to the TDSB budget. The most common question is: Who do we contact if we have concerns about the Ministry of Education funding reductions? These are provincial government decisions approved by the Minister of Education who directs the Ministry of Education to implement the funding reductions. School boards are required by law to balance their budgets. To achieve that balance, the Board must decide where in their budget they will reduce programs, services and staff totaling the shortfall of $67.8 million.

If you have concerns or questions about the Ministry of Education budget reductions, you can also contact the Minister of Education:

Hon. Lisa M. Thompson | Minister | 416-325-2600 | or contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament.

Questions and Answers: We regularly update the Q&As on the proposed budget. You can learn more about the proposed program, service and staff reductions in the Questions and Answers from FBEC Meetings listed below.


Questions and Answers from FBEC Meetings


Watch Our Budget Meeting Videos


2019-20 Budget Process

Each year, TDSB Trustees and staff work together to pass a balanced budget that best supports the achievement and well-being of all students. The TDSB’s annual operating budget is approximately $3.4 billion and we are committed to using these resources responsibly and effectively.

Key discussions regarding the annual budget are scheduled for our Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee (FBEC). Below you will find links to the proposed Committee Schedule, Timelines and Milestones. FBEC’s budget meetings are open to the public and take place in the Toronto District School Board Boardroom. Please note that these budget discussions will be videotaped and posted to our public website for those who may not be able to attend meetings in person but wish to review those meetings. We will be posting a link to those recorded meetings following the first meeting on Wednesday, January 23rd.

Learn more about the TDSB’s 2019-20 Operating Budget:


Finance, Budget & Enrolment Committee Meetings

The Finance, Budget and Enrolment Committee (FBEC) is meeting regularly to develop a “draft” Operating Budget for 2019-20. It is anticipated that the “draft” budget will be available in May and a final, balanced budget would be approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2019. Below is a list of reports and presentations made at our FBEC meetings:

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