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HEPA Units in TDSB Schools

According to the latest information from Toronto Public Health, while there is no evidence that air purifiers on their own are effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19, they may be useful as a supplement to mechanical ventilation or if there is no outdoor air exchange in a room.


The Ministry of Education has provided $6.9 million in funding to the TDSB to improve air ventilation in our schools, and this funding is being used to purchase approximately 6,000 commercial HEPA units for all classrooms without mechanical ventilation or with limited ability to provide fresh air. Please see the list of TDSB schools and the status of mechanical ventilation (partial/all/no mechanical). Schools with partial mechanical ventilation and schools without mechanical ventilation have received or will be receiving HEPA units purchased by the TDSB.


The Ministry of Education Fundraising Guideline states that schools and school councils are not permitted to fundraise for anything that government funding typically covers. Fundraising for HEPA units or other HVAC-related items for a specific school is not permitted because the province specifically provided funding to school boards for this purpose.

For more information about HEPA units in TDSB schools, please see the Questions and Answers

List of Schools With No Mechanical or Partial Mechanical Ventilation Systems

The schools on this list that are identified as partial mechanical or no mechanical will receive HEPA units purchased by the TDSB. Facility Team Leaders have conducted a school-by-school analysis to determine how many units are required for each school with partial or no mechanical ventilation.


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