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District-Wide Specialized Programs:

AFArts FocusDo you wish to pursue visual and performing arts at a professional level? A specialized arts program may be for you!
ALTAlternativeAlternative schools vary and are aimed at providing students with an alternative educational experience suited to their learning styles/preferences and/or needs. Each of the schools and programs differs in their approach to student learning and program structure.
APAdvanced PlacementThe Advanced Placement Program (AP) allows students to earn a Grade 12, University Preparation credit and pursue university level work while still in high school. In partnership with the College Board, schools offer AP exams which are compiled by the Development Committee which consists of representatives from a wide range of well known universities. These exams are graded by university professors and experienced AP teachers from different parts of the world by using common scoring standards. Successful completion of the AP exam may result in the opportunity to earn placement into second year university courses.
C/N SysCisco/Nortel SystemsThese programs provide specialized equipment and staff training so that Technology departments can offer selected students the opportunity to earn CISCO/ Nortel Networking certification through the completion of successive Communications Technology credits.
CACyber ArtsCyber Arts programs integrate artistic expression and knowledge of design with technical experience combining the Fine Arts with Computer Technology and Communication Media.
CSCyber StudiesThese programs combine computers and art in small classroom settings where students may learn animation,sound and design technology, integrated computer studies and applications.
EAElite Athletes/ArtsTDSB Elite Athletes/Arts programs will accommodate your needs and allow special timetables and unusual arrangements to coexist with coaching and travel schedules.
ExFExtended FrenchThese courses have been designed for students who have had 1,080 to 1,440 hours of instruction in French in elementary school. The program includes French, plus other subjects studied in the French language. Effective 2003, students who have completed 7 credits in Extended French and other subjects taught in French will earn a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Extended French. Four of these credits must be Extended French.
FIFrench ImmersionThese courses have been designed for students who have had 3,000 to 6,000 hours of instruction in French in elementary school. This program includes French, plus other subjects studied in the French language. Effective 2003, to earn a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Immersion students will be required to complete 10 credits in French of which four must be in Immersion French.
IBInternational BaccalaureateThe International Baccalaureate Program is a world renowned graduation diploma, recognized for admission to universities throughout the world. All external examinations, certificates and diplomas are prepared, graded and awarded by the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate Office.
ISInternational StudiesThis program is designed to provide a global perspective, as part of these programs you will study a variety of disciplines from business and commerce to languages.
ITIntegrated TechnologyIntegrated Technology offers students the opportunity to take concentrated technology courses in an emphasis area.
LPLEAPThe Literacy Enrichment Academic Program (LEAP) is for newcomers who need intensive upgrading in literacy, mathematics, and study skills due to restricted educational opportunity in their previous country. Currently, LEAP is offered in 18 secondary schools.
MSTMath and Science FocusDo you have a deep understanding and interest in math, science or technology? These specialized programs may be for you.
PLeadership PathwayThe Leadership Pathway program helps students assume ownership for their leadership development. Students must take the initiative to become involved in a variety of in-school and community leadership opportunities. Students develop and expand their leadership skills through involvement in clubs and councils, specialized classes, additional community involvement hours, guest speaker sessions and workshops.
Pre-APPre-Advanced PlacementPre-AP is a specialized enrichment program that focussed on mathematics, computers, sciences, arts and humanities.
Pre-IBPre-International BaccalaureatePre-IB is a specialized enrichment program that focusses on preparing students for the IB program that is run by the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate Office.
SHSMSpecialist High Skills MajorSHSM is a ministry approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school. It also assists in their transition after graduation to apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace.
XAExceptional Athlete ProgramDo you wish to pursue athletics and sport at a competitive or professional level? Then this specialized program is for you!

Other Programs:

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