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Wilkinson Junior Public School (GR. JK-06)

Right on track with the red and black!

Opened in 1915, Wilkinson Public School has been part of the Danforth/Donlands community for 100 years. Our school is rich in cultural diversity, with 500 students speaking over 25 different languages. This provides an exciting opportunity for all our students to learn about and celebrate many different cultures.

At Wilkinson we work towards building a welcoming, respectful, and safe school environment for everyone. Our dedicated staff and parents work together to create a close-knit school community for the benefit of our whole neighbourhood.


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Phone:(416) 393-9575
Fax:(416) 393-9578
Address:53 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON, M4J 3N7
Principal:Kimberley Jensen
Vice-Principal(s):Nicki Keenliside
Lianne Dixon
Office Staff:Debbie Sisnett
School Council Chair(s):Lisa Zivontsis
Angeli Mehta
Superintendent:Nadira Persaud
Learning Network:LN24
Trustee:Jennifer Story
Ward:Ward 15
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