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Tredway Woodsworth Public School (GR. JK-08)

Tredway Woodsworth Public School is located in Toronto East and is named after a prominent Scarborough pioneer who exemplified leadership in the community.  The school opened in September 1956 with ten classrooms and one Kindergarten room.  Currently, our two-storey school accommodates 35 classes, in 33 classrooms and serves a student population representing a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds. William Tredway and JS Woodsworth combined in 2015 to become Tredway Woodsworth Public School.

Tredway Woodsworth is a dual-track school, offering instruction in English from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 and French Immersion from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8.



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Phone:(416) 396-6660
Fax:(416) 396-6662
Address:112 Sedgemount Dr, Scarborough, ON, M1H 1X9
Principal:Mauro Paluzzi
Vice-Principal(s):Hager Awara
Michelle Lipp
Office Staff:Jacqueline Colley
School Council Chair(s):Sabrina Persaud-Murape
Rebecca Mosios
Superintendent:Kurt McIntosh
Learning Network:LN13
Trustee:Zakir Patel
Ward:Ward 19
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