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Model Schools Listing

Africentric Alternative School1430 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON5 (416) 395-5251
Alexander Stirling Public School70 Fawcett Trail, Scarborough, ON22 (416) 396-6020
Amesbury Middle School201 Gracefield Ave, North York, ON6 (416) 395-2000
Ancaster Public School44 Ancaster Rd, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2010
Bala Avenue Community School6 Bala Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-2210
Baycrest Public School145 Baycrest Ave, North York, ON8 (416) 395-2040
Ben Heppner Vocal Music Academy80 Slan Ave, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6305
Beverley Heights Middle School26 Troutbrooke Dr, North York, ON5 (416) 395-3000
Blacksmith Public School45 Blacksmith Cres, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2060
Blake Street Junior Public School21 Boultbee Ave, Toronto, ON15 (416) 393-9415
Blaydon Public School25 Blaydon Ave, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2070
Bliss Carman Senior Public School10 Bellamy Rd S, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6075
Boys Leadership Academy45 Golfdown Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7900
Braeburn Junior School15 Tandridge Cres, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7770
Brookhaven Public School70 Brookhaven Dr, North York, ON6 (416) 395-2110
Brookview Middle School4505 Jane St, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2120
C R Marchant Middle School1 Ralph St, York, ON6 (416) 394-2268
Calico Public School35 Calico Dr, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2130
Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy315 Osler St, Toronto, ON9 (416) 393-1600
Cedar Drive Junior Public School21 Gatesview Ave, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6120
Cedarbrook Public School56 Nelson St, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6115
Chalkfarm Public School100 Chalkfarm Dr, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2160
Charles E Webster Public School1900 Keele St, York, ON6 (416) 394-2250
Charles Gordon Senior Public School25 Marcos Blvd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6130
Charles H Best Junior Middle School285 Wilmington Ave, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2170
Chester Le Junior Public School201 Chester Le Blvd, Scarborough, ON20 (416) 396-6145
Claireville Junior School350 Silverstone Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7500
Cliffside Public School27 East Haven Dr, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6170
Cordella Junior Public School175 Cordella Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-2258
Cornell Junior Public School61 Holmfirth Terr, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6175
Corvette Junior Public School30 Corvette Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6180
D A Morrison Middle School271 Gledhill Ave, East York, ON16 (416) 396-2400
Daystrom Public School25 Daystrom Dr, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2280
Dennis Avenue Community School17 Dennis Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-2311
Derrydown Public School120 Derrydown Rd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2310
Dixon Grove Junior Middle School315 The Westway, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7940
Donwood Park Public School61 Dorcot Ave, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6201
Dorset Park Public School28 Blaisdale Rd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6205
Downsview Public School2829 Keele St, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2340
Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto96 Denison Ave, Toronto, ON9 (416) 393-1340
Driftwood Public School265 Driftwood Ave, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2350
Dundas Junior Public School935 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON15 (416) 393-9565
Eastview Public School20 Waldock St, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6210
Edgewood Public School230 Birkdale Rd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6215
Elia Middle School215 Sentinel Rd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-3020
Elmbank Junior Middle Academy10 Pittsboro Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7560
Elmlea Junior School50 Hadrian Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7910
Fairbank Memorial Community School555 Harvie Ave, York, ON9 (416) 394-2333
Fairbank Public School2335 Dufferin St, York, ON8 (416) 394-2323
Firgrove Public School270 Firgrove Cres, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2420
First Nations School of Toronto16 Phin Ave, Toronto, ON15 (416) 393-0555
Flemington Public School10 Flemington Rd, North York, ON8 (416) 395-2430
Galloway Road Public School192 Galloway Rd, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6245
Gateway Public School55 Gateway Blvd, North York, ON14 (416) 397-2970
General Crerar Public School30 McGregor Rd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6255
General Mercer Junior Public School30 Turnberry Ave, Toronto, ON9 (416) 393-1414
George Anderson Public School30 Geo. Anderson Dr, North York, ON6 (416) 395-5000
George Peck Public School1 Wayne Ave, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6270
George Syme Community School69 Pritchard Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-2340
George Webster Elementary School50 chapman Ave, East York, ON16 (416) 396-2375
Glen Ravine Junior Public School11 Gadsby Dr, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6280
Gosford Public School30 Gosford Blvd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2470
Gracedale Public School186 Gracedale Blvd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2480
Gracefield Public School177 Gracefield Ave, North York, ON6 (416) 395-2490
Greenholme Junior Middle School10 Jamestown Cres, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7700
Grenoble Public School9 Grenoble Dr, North York, ON14 (416) 397-2900
Grey Owl Junior Public School150 Wickson Trail, Scarborough, ON22 (416) 396-6290
Gulfstream Public School20 Gulfstream Rd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2520
H A Halbert Junior Public School25 Halbert Place, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6300
H J Alexander Community School30 King St, York, ON6 (416) 394-2359
Harwood Public School50 Leigh St, York, ON6 (416) 394-2350
Heather Heights Junior Public School80 Slan Ave, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6305
Henry Hudson Senior Public School350 Orton Park Rd, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6310
Highland Heights Junior Public School35 Glendower Circt, Scarborough, ON20 (416) 396-6335
Highview Public School22 Highview Ave, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2540
Hilltop Middle School35 Trehorne Dr, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7730
Humber Summit Middle School60 Pearldale Ave, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2570
Ionview Public School90 Ionview Rd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6350
J G Workman Public School487 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6365
J R Wilcox Community School231 Ava Rd, York, ON8 (416) 394-2388
John A Leslie Public School459 Midland Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6380
John McCrae Public School431 McCowan Rd, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6395
Joseph Brant Public School270 Manse Rd, Scarborough, ON22 (416) 396-6400
Joyce Public School26 Joyce Pky, North York, ON8 (416) 395-2600
Keelesdale Junior Public School200 Bicknell Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-3050
Kingsview Village Junior School1 York Rd, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7950
Knob Hill Public School25 Seminole Ave, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6415
Lamberton Public School33 Lamberton Blvd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-9570
Lambton Park Community School50 Bernice Cres, York, ON6 (416) 394-3070
Lawrence Heights Middle School50 Highland Hill, North York, ON8 (416) 395-2620
Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School350 Parliament St, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1760
Lucy McCormick Senior School2717 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON7 (416) 397-2713
Lynnwood Heights Junior Public School50 Southlawn Dr, Scarborough, ON20 (416) 396-6430
Maple Leaf Public School301 Culford Rd, North York, ON6 (416) 395-2670
Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School246 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1300
Maryvale Public School1325 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6455
Mason Road Junior Public School78 Mason Rd, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6460
Military Trail Public School701 Military Trail, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6475
Nelson Mandela Park Public School440 Shuter St, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1620
Norman Cook Junior Public School725 Danforth Rd, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6485
North Kipling Junior Middle School2 Rowntree Rd, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-6340
O'Connor Public School1665 O'Connor Dr, North York, ON16 (416) 397-2980
Oakdale Park Middle School315 Grandravine Dr, North York, ON4 (416) 395-3060
Oakridge Junior Public School110 Byng Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6505
Parkdale Junior and Senior Public School78 Seaforth Ave, Toronto, ON7 (416) 393-1280
Parkfield Junior School31 Redgrave Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7960
Pauline Johnson Junior Public School35 Dunmurray Blvd, Scarborough, ON20 (416) 396-6510
Pelmo Park Public School180 Gary Dr, North York, ON6 (416) 395-2750
Pierre Laporte Middle School1270 Wilson Ave, North York, ON5 (416) 395-3070
Pineway Public School110 Pineway Blvd, North York, ON13 (416) 395-2760
Portage Trail Community School100 Sidney Belsey Cres, North York, ON6 (416) 394-4260
Queen Alexandra Middle School181 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON15 (416) 393-9535
Robert Service Senior Public School945 Danforth Rd, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6540
Rockcliffe Middle School400 Rockcliffe Blvd, Toronto, ON6 (416) 394-3100
Rose Avenue Junior Public School675 Ontario St, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1260
Roselands Junior Public School990 Jane St, York, ON6 (416) 394-3110
Ryerson Community School96 Denison Ave, Toronto, ON9 (416) 393-1340
Samuel Hearne Middle School21 Newport Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6555
Scarborough Village Public School15 Luella St, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6560
Secord Elementary School101 Barrington Ave, East York, ON16 (416) 396-2450
Seneca School580 Rathburn Rd, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-4600
Sheppard Public School1430 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2860
Shoreham Public Sports and Wellness Academy31 Shoreham Dr, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2870
Silverthorn Community School300 Kane Ave, York, ON6 (416) 394-3033
Sprucecourt Public School70 Spruce St, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1522
St Margaret's Public School235 Galloway Rd, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6550
Stanley Public School75 Stanley Rd, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2890
Stilecroft Public School50 Stilecroft Dr, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2910
Taylor Creek Public School644 Warden Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6625
Tecumseh Senior Public School720 Scarborough Golf Club Rd, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6590
The Elms Junior Middle School45 Golfdown Dr, Etobicoke, ON1 (416) 394-7900
Topcliff Public School65 Topcliff Ave, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2940
Tredway Woodsworth Public School112 Sedgemount Dr, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6660
Tumpane Public School48 Tumpane St, North York, ON5 (416) 395-2950
Twentieth Street Junior School3190 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON3 (416) 394-7810
Valley Park Middle School130 Overlea Blvd, East York, ON14 (416) 396-2465
Valleyfield Junior School35 Saskatoon Dr, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7590
Walter Perry Junior Public School45 Falmouth Ave, Scarborough, ON18 (416) 396-6620
Warren Park Junior Public School135 Varsity Rd, York, ON7 (416) 394-3140
Wellesworth Junior School225 Wellesworth Dr, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7080
West Glen Junior School47 Cowley Ave, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7160
West Hill Public School299 Morningside Ave, Scarborough, ON22 (416) 396-6630
Westmount Junior School95 Chapman Rd, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7720
Westway Junior School25 Poynter Dr, Etobicoke, ON2 (416) 394-7970
Wexford Public School1050 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough, ON17 (416) 396-6640
William J McCordic School45 Balfour Ave, Toronto, ON16 (416) 397-2720
Willow Park Junior Public School45 Windover Dr, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6665
Winchester Junior and Senior Public School15 Prospect St, Toronto, ON10 (416) 393-1270
Woburn Junior Public School40 Dormington Dr, Scarborough, ON19 (416) 396-6670
Yorkwoods Public School25 Yorkwoods Gate, North York, ON4 (416) 395-2990
Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
and to acquire the knowledge, skills
and values they need to become responsible, contributing members of
a democratic and sustainable society.
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