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Program Area Review

Thank you for participating in the Program Area Review involving Armour Heights PS, St Andrew's MS, and Ledbury Park EMS. The Final Report of the Program Area Review Team including the Team's recommendations may be found here.


This program area review involves a grade range expansion and assigning of a shared boundary to one school. Armour Heights PS is currently a JK-6 school and sends Grade 7 students to St. Andrew’s MS. The grade range expansion would expand Armour Heights PS to a JK-8 school. The proposed junior boundary change would involve the redirection of a current shared boundary between Armour Heights PS and Ledbury Park EMS entirely to Ledbury Park EMS.

Next steps:

  • The staff report was approved at Planning and Priorities on Tuesday, April 6, 2021 
  • The report will be discussed at the Board's Regular Meeting on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.  The meeting will be held virtually and can be accessed through

Review is currently not in Start stageReview is currently not in Community Engagement stageReview is currently not in Staff Recommendations stageReview is currently not in Board Decision stage
Trustee, Ward 8: Shelley LaskinTrustee, Ward 11: Rachel Chernos Lin
Superintendent: Denise HumphreysSuperintendent: Ron Felsen
Administrative Liaison: Laura Lloyd (416-394-2030)Administrative Liaison: James Jarret (416-396-9182)

Armour Heights Public SchoolBelinda Longe416-397-2950
Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle SchoolKari Hudson416-395-2630
St Andrew's Middle SchoolJessica Feldberg416-395-3090

Program Area Review Team

Supporting Staff

Meeting(s) - Community Engagement

Program Area Review Team’s Recommendations

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