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Capital Priorities

School boards can apply for funding for construction projects from the Ministry of Education through the Capital Priorities program. This program provides school boards with an opportunity to identify their most urgent student accommodation needs and submit business cases for priority projects.

Business cases describe the need for school additions, school replacements or deep retrofits and provide the necessary rationale. Capital Priority projects are ranked based on a priority sequence (e.g. accommodation growth, consolidating two or more schools into one new facility) that aligns with the criteria outlined by the Ministry of Education.

Not all of the capital projects submitted actually receive funding approval. The Ministry reviews the business cases submitted by all school boards and allocates funds to the projects it considers priorities. Historically, the TDSB has received approval for three to six capital projects in as a result of the Capital Priorities process.

List of the Top 10 Capital Priority Projects for 2020-21

Business cases were prepared for the ten projects identified below and were submitted to the Ministry of Education for capital funding consideration under the Capital Priorities grant program in September 2019.

In July 2020, the Ministry announced that two of the 10 projects submitted by the TDSB under the 2019-20 Capital Priorities Grant funding program were approved. The two approved projects are: 

  • Hodgson MS (Priority #1):  funding to expand the previously-approved addition by seven additional classrooms to accommodate the rapid shifts in local demographics and residential development in the community. The additional funding allocated by the Ministry is $12.45 million.
  • McKee Public School (Priority #6):  funding to build three additional classrooms to accommodate the enrolment pressures in the area. The total funding for this project is $1.48 million.

In October 2020, the Board received Ministry approval for another capital project:

  • David Lewis PS (Priority #8):   funding to build an eight-classroom addition. The total funding for this project is $5.74 million.

The next opportunity to submit Capital Priority projects for funding approval will be during the 2021 calendar year.

Below is the list of the 10 TDSB Capital Priority projects ranked to align with the criteria set out by the Ministry of Education and submitted in September 2019 for funding consideration.

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School Name

Project Description

Business Case Submitted to the Ministry



Hodgson MS

A 391 pupil place addition (expansion of a previously-approved addition)

PDF Image



Davisville Junior PS / Spectrum Alternative Senior School

A five-classroom addition to a previously-approved replacement school

PDF Image



Courcelette Public School

A revision to a previously-approved six-classroom addition

PDF Image


4, 5

Poplar Road Junior  Public School and Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School

A 387 pupil place replacement school at Poplar Road Junior Public School and a gymnasium addition and internal renovation at Elizabeth Simcoe Junior Public School to support implementation of a school closure as a result of the Guildwood area Pupil Accommodation Review

PDF Image



McKee Public School

A three-classroom addition

PDF Image



Regent Heights Public School

A 619 pupil place replacement school for Regent Heights Public School  and a 461 pupil place JK-6 school for Conseil scolaire Viamonde (joint venture)

PDF Image



David Lewis Public School

An eight-classroom addition

PDF Image



St. Margaret's Public School

A 340 pupil place replacement school

PDF Image



Secord Elementary School

A 931 pupil place replacement school

PDF Image


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