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The electronic translation service on the Toronto District School Board website is hosted by Google Translate, a third party service. The TDSB does not guarantee or warrant the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any translated information.

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The basic translation goal is to capture the general intention of the original English material. Before you act on translated information, we encourage you to confirm any facts that are important to you or may affect any decisions you make.

The Toronto District School Board is committed to equity and community engagement, and by providing this tool, we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English.

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A procedure is a document issued through the Director of Education governing the implementation of Board policy, or as required to coordinate and control certain aspects of the system operation.

Below you will find a list of our operational procedures displayed in numeric order.
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PR501 Policy Development and Management (1.3 MB)
To provide a process and instructions for developing and reviewing TDSB policies.
PR502 Operational Procedures (39.1 KB)
To provide instructions to staff for the development and revision of the Board's operational procedures.
PR503 Translation and Interpretation (168.9 KB)
To provide information about resources for translations services and the translation of central board material
PR504 Transportation of Students (35.5 KB)
To provide details about the eligibility criteria for student transportation and the different methods of transportation
PR505 Parent Concern Protocol (21.9 KB)
To guide the actions of principals and superintendents in addressing individual parent concerns
PR506 Independent Learning Centre (ILC) Courses (15.1 KB)
To provide guidelines for schools to permit students to take ILC courses. Since these courses result in additional central charges to TDSB, it is desirable to minimize the access to the courses.
PR507 Advertising (22.2 KB)
To establish guidelines for the implementation of Board Policy P006, Advertising
PR508 Fundraising (32.8 KB)
To provide guidelines for fundraising activities and administering the funds in accordance with Board Policy P021, Fundraising
PR511 Excursions (311.9 KB)
To provide a process and guidelines for excursions in accordance with Board Policy P.033 SCH, Excursions
PR512 Kindergarten to Grade 2 - New Student Registration: Developmental History Form (53.5 KB)
As part of the registration process, for students entering school for the first time from Kindergarten to Grade 2, the Developmental History Form will be used to gather information about students' pre-school development, background and health history for the purpose of supporting program planning when students first enter school up to and including Grade 2.
PR512 APP A Development History Form - Q & A for Parents/Guardians (86.2 KB)
Developmental History Form Appendix A: Q & A for Paraents/Guardians
PR513 Architects and Engineering Consultants Selection (105.1 KB)
To establish measures to ensure fairness and appropriateness during the selection of architects and engineering consultants when required for major and minor projects undertaken by Facility Services.
PR515 Workplace Harassment Prevention and Human Rights (312.4 KB)
To provide information and instruction, regarding the process for how to effectively prevent and, where necessary, address harassment and unlawful discrimination. All parties involved in a matter under these procedures (including staff, management, union/federation/association and Human Rights Office) must work together to prevent and address harassment and unlawful discrimination.
PR516 Academic Supervisory Officer Selection and Transfer of Superintendents (280.6 KB)
To provide a process for the selection of academic supervisory officers and transfer of superintendents
PR518 Admission Eligibility Requirements (1 MB)
To provide guidelines for the admission of new students
PR519 Severe Weather (74.3 KB)
To provide a process to be followed during severe weather conditions, either occurring or predicted
PR523 Trespass to Property (24 KB)
To provide guidelines regarding trespass to property
PR524 Search and Seizure (121.2 KB)
To provide a process for search and seizure
PR525 System Meetings, Events and Professional Development Calendars (64.5 KB)
To provide information about the system meeting, events and professional learning and training session that are available on TDSBweb
PR526 Learning Opportunities Index (64.9 KB)
To provide instructions to staff regarding the application of the Learning Opportunities Index for resource allocation
PR529 Official or High-profile Visits (44.7 KB)
To provide guidance for the authorization and preparation for high-profile visits
PR531 Selection and Approval of Learning Resources (143 KB)
To describe the responsibility of schools in the selection and approval of supplementary learning resources
PR532 Handling Concerns About Learning Resources and Controversial Issues (29.8 KB)
To provide the procedures to be followed when individuals or groups request the withdrawal of a particular curriculum resource from a whole class, a whole school, or the school system
PR533 Election Activities and Use of Board Resources (134.7 KB)
To support the legislated requirements and Board-established By-laws, policies and procedures that set out the governance and accountability framework at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).
PR536 Medications (126.9 KB)
To establish a process for the administration of medication to students.
PR537 Head Lice (Pediculosis) (20.1 KB)
To outline a uniform approach to addressing the issue of head lice (pediculosis) in schools
PR538 Funds for School Anniversary Celebrations (50.4 KB)
To outline the allocation of funds for school anniversaries by 25-year intervals
PR540 Non-discretionary and Discretionary Student Transfers (134 KB)
To establish a process for the transfer and placement of students for reasons related to caring and safe schools issues
PR542 Changing a Timetable (107.9 KB)
To provide details about the steps necessary to change a school timetable
PR543 Promotion, Transfer and Retention: Grade 8 to Grade 9 (225.2 KB)
To provide schools with a consistent method for the transition of students from elementary to secondary school (Grade 8 to Grade 9).
PR544 Opening and Closing Exercises (94.6 KB)
To provide information about opening and closing exercises in schools
PR545 Optional Attendance (242.7 KB)
To outline the process for optional attendance at regular and specialized schools and programs
PR547 Prior Learning Equivalent Credits (97.4 KB)
To outline the process related to the granting of prior learning equivalent credits that is consistent with provincial policy
PR548 Promotion, Transfer and Retention: Grades 1 to 8 (306.7 KB)
To provide TDSB elementary, senior and middle schools with consistency for the movement of students from Grades 1 to 8.
PR549 Animals in Classrooms (69.3 KB)
To outline the guidelines to allow for the classroom experience of animals in the classroom
PR550 Safeguarding School Assets (78.1 KB)
To provide a checklist to safeguard TDSB assets when not in use
PR553 Home Schooling (40.8 KB)
To provide direction for establishing home schooling
PR554 Home Instruction (250.2 KB)
To provide a process for home instruction services in accordance with the Education Act when eligible pupils are not able to attend for medical and/or social-emotional reasons.
PR556 Bus Accident (85.4 KB)
To provide a process to be implemented in the event of a bus accident
PR557 Behaviour on Buses (324.9 KB)
To outline the responsibility of parents/guardians, principals and students concerning behaviour on school buses.
PR558 Parent and Community Involvement (219 KB)
To provide a procedure for implementation of the Board's Parent and Community Involvement policy
PR559 Insurance for School Councils (55.1 KB)
To provide information about additional liability insurance for school councils
PR560 Abuse and Neglect of Students (1.2 MB)
To provide guidelines for dealing with incidents of suspected abuse or neglect of students
PR563 Anaphylaxis (1019.9 KB)
To provide instructions for anaphylaxis management in schools.
PR564 Nutrition Services Safety Standards (96.7 KB)
To outline safety standards for Nutrition Services employees
PR565 Distribution and Display of Materials for Students and Parents From External Groups (80.6 KB)
To outline the responsibility of the Board, superintendents of schools, and principals concerning the distribution and display of materials provided from external groups for students and parents
PR567 Internal Mail (37.5 KB)
To provide details about internal mail
PR569 Crisis and Incident Reporting (57.7 KB)
To provide measures to ensure there is confidence and credibility re the safety of students and employees on board property
PR571 Code of On-line Conduct (81.9 KB)
To outline the code of behaviour and rules for the use of online systems and resources
PR572 E-Mail Usage (74.4 KB)
To guide staff in the appropriate, ethical use of e-mail provided by the TDSB to facilitate TDSB business.
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