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Policy Consultations

We Want to Hear From You

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is committed to open and inclusive policy decision-making and values community input and participation through consultation. Consultation is a two-way communication process between the Board and external participants, including students and their parents/guardians, school councils, advisory committees, community members, different levels of government, service agencies, professional organizations and union partners. The objective of consultation is to gather public input regarding options, alternative courses of action, as well as to identify unintended effects for various participants and to find solutions. 

Policy development and reviews are carried out in accordance with the policy review schedule that is approved by the Board of Trustees and is revised on a regular basis. To view the latest policy review schedule, please click here.

We would like to know your thoughts about our policy decisions by inviting you to our policy consultations. Please click on the policy of your interest to see the current draft. You are welcome to provide your comments, including suggestions on the wording and provisions of the draft policies, questions or recommendations using the contact information below.


Records and Information Management Policy Draft New Policy [pdf] Email:
Deadline: December 31, 2020  


The Records and Information Management Policy supports the Toronto District School Board’s commitment to the effective, efficient and secure management of recorded information, regardless of format or media.

The Policy is consistent with subsection 171. (1), par. 38 of the Education Act which states the Board may institute a program of records and information management.


Parent and Community Involvement Policy 


To establish a framework for building and supporting parent and community involvement in the Toronto District School Board.

We are currently reviewing P023 – Parent and Community Involvement Policy and are inviting feedback from our community as we develop the first draft of the policy. Learn more, and share your voice, at

Advertising and Distribution of Materials Policy Draft Revised Policy Email:
Deadline: December 31, 2020  


The Advertising and Distribution of Materials Policy supports the implementation of the legislative requirement under Ontario Regulation 298, section 24 of the Education Act which governs advertisements and announcements in a school, on school property, or to pupils of these schools.

The Policy’s objective is to establish parameters related to advertising on Board property, including distribution of advertising materials to students, parents/guardians and staff.

Specialized Schools and Programs Policy Draft New Policy Email:


Video: Improving Access for all Students: Overview of the Secondary Program Review

To affirm the Board’s commitment to providing focused specialized programming in both local schools and in district-wide specialized schools or programs, and to improving access for all students to these programs. Learn more: 

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