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New and Revised Documents

New & Revised Documents

These documents have been recently developed or revised.
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P098 Teacher Hiring (136.7 KB) New!
To set out requirements for fair, consistent, and transparent hiring of teachers.
Form.FAC.009 Facility Services Work Request Form (60.1 KB)
This form should be completed and submitted to the Facility Team Leader for school, fund-raised or tenant funded projects.
HR Complaint HR Complaint form for students (236 KB) New!
For students/parents/guardians to file a human rights complaint against TDSB staff
P006 Advertising and Distribution of Materials (46.6 KB)
To establish parameters related to advertising on Board property including distribution of advertising materials to students, parents/guardians and staff.
P097 Records and Information Management (63 KB) New!
To establish requirements for effective, efficient, and secure records and information management at the TDSB; and, To protect the authenticity, reliability, usability, and integrity of recorded information recognized for its operational, legal, financial and or historical value in order to support the delivery of Board programs and services.
PR511 Excursions (934.5 KB)
To establish processes and requirements for carrying out safe and inclusive Excursions in accordance with the Excursions Policy (P033).
PR731 Virtual Consultations (41.5 KB) New!
To outline the process for organizing and implementing virtual public consultations at the TDSB.
PR597 French Immersion/Extended French (207 KB) New!
To provide procedures to support the Board's commitment to Core French, French Immersion and Extended French programs
PR515 Workplace Harassment Prevention and Human Rights (708 KB) New!
To provide information and instruction, regarding the process for how to effectively prevent and, where necessary, address harassment and unlawful discrimination. All parties involved in a matter under these procedures (including staff, management, union/federation/association and Human Rights Office) must work together to prevent and address harassment and unlawful discrimination.
515A Workplace Harassment and Human Rights Complaint Form - Fillable (241.5 KB)
Form for PR515
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