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Senior Team 2020-2021

The TDSB’s Senior Team Organizational Structure for the 2020-21 school year focuses on collaborative leadership to achieve the mission, values and goals outlined in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan.

The Senior Team Organizational Structure has been revised this year to reflect $17 million in budget reductions to the TDSB’s central administration, which includes the senior team. To achieve these reductions, functions and responsibilities of senior team positions have been consolidated and streamlined.

The structure consists of Associate Directors, Executive Officers, Executive Superintendents, System Superintendents and Superintendents of Education, who continue to be led by the Director of Education

The Senior Organizational Structure Chart  and Responsibility for Outcome Letters provide additional information on the structure, roles and responsibilities of the TDSB's Senior Team.

Below you will find the names and titles of the TDSB’s Senior Team:

  • Dr. Kathy Witherow,
    Interim Director of Education
  • Karen Falconer,
    Acting Associate Director, Equity, Well-Being and School Improvement
  • Manon Gardner,
    Associate Director, School Operations and Service Excellence 
  • Andrew Gold,
    Interim Associate Director, Leadership, Learning and School Improvement
  • Craig Snider,
    Interim Associate Director, Business Operations and Service Excellence
  • Marisa Chiu,
    Interim Executive Officer, Finance
  • Curtis Ennis,
    Interim Executive Superintendent, Learning Centre 2
  • TBD,
    Executive Superintendent, Employee Services 
  • Andrew Gowdy,
    System Planning Officer
  • Ross Parry,
    Executive Officer, Government, Public and Community Relations 
  • Leola Pon,
    Executive Officer, Legal Services
  • Maia Puccetti,
    Executive Officer, Facilities and Planning
  • Uton Robinson,
    Interim Executive Superintendent, Learning Centre 1
  • Peter Singh,
    Executive Officer, Information Technology/Information Management and Freedom of
    Information and Privacy 
  • Jim Spyropoulos,
    Executive Superintendent, Human Rights and Indigenous Education 
  • Sandy Spyropoulos,
    Executive Superintendent, Learning Centre 4
  • Lynn Strangway,
    Interim Executive Superintendent, Learning Centre 3


System Superintendents 
  • Peter Chang - (Interim),
    Continuing Education
  • Ron Felsen - (Interim),
    Virtual School, Secondary
  • Angela Nardi-Addesa,
    Special Education and Inclusion
  • Jane Phillips-Long - (Interim),
    Virtual School, Elementary
  • Jacqueline Spence,
    Equity, Anti-Oppression and Early Years


Superintendents of Education
Lists By School, Ward and Learning Centre (effective September 17, 2020)

  • Learning Centre 1
  • Vicky Branco
  • John Chasty
  • Leila Girdhar-Hill
  • Andrew Howard
  • Denise Humphreys - (Interim)
  • Lorraine Linton
  • Learning Centre 3
  • Shirley Chan
  • Liz Holder - (Interim)
  • Kurt McIntosh - (Interim)   
  • Diana Panagiotopoulos
  • Sheryl Robinson Petrazzini
  • Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk
  • Learning Centre 2
  • Elizabeth Addo
  • Ian Allison
  • Helen Fisher
  • Courtney Lewis
  • Louie Papathanasakis
  • Audley Salmon
  • Learning Centre 4
  • Debbie Donsky
  • Mike Gallagher
  • Tracy Hayhurst
  • Mary Linton - (Interim) 
  • Nadira Persaud
  • Marc Sprack
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