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Integrated Day Program

The Integrated Day program gives all students an opportunity to learn an international language or learn about African Heritage as part of their regular school day. The program is offered in 10 TDSB elementary schools. Language(s) and/or African Heritage programs are chosen based on school demographics in consultation with the school principal and the Parent Council Committees. Schools currently deliver the program in one of two formats, either fully integrated during the day or as a block model timetabled at the end of the school day.
Below is a list of schools offering the Integrated Day program:

School Language(s) Offered
 Alexander Muir/Gladstone PS
 Cantonese, Portuguese
 Brock PS
 Mandarin(simplified), Portuguese, Spanish
 Kensington CS
 Mandarin(simplified), Portuguese
 King Edward PS
 Mandarin(simplified), Spanish
 Lord Lansdowne PS
 Cantonese, Mandarin(traditional), Spanish
 Ogden PS
 Orde Street PS
 Pauline PS
 African Heritage, Bengali, Cantonese, Spanish
 Ryerson PS
 African Heritage, Arabic, Mandarin(simplified), Spanish
 Shirley Street PS
 Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish
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