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Responsibilities of Permit Holders

Please review the Rules and Regulations that apply to all TDSB Facility Permits. 

Food in the Schools

School spaces will not be permitted for banquets and dinners.* Alcohol is not allowed on Board property.

Upon approval, light refreshments may be served in specifically designated areas. Such requests must be specified on the permit application.

*Caretakers are not allowed to unlock cafeteria kitchens since kitchen facilities and serveries are not available for permit.


For all non-school activities, a caretaker, a Board-employed security guard or such other employee as the Board may designate, shall be on duty during permitted times and his/her instructions shall be followed.

The members of any group or organization, or spectators, while in a school building, shall be under immediate supervision and control of competent and trustworthy adults who shall personally be responsible for compliance with the Board`s requirements. In the assignment of supervision, due regard is to be given to the female/male ratio of the participants to ensure adequate washroom supervision. If the program requires the use of more than one room, the organization holding the permit shall provide a least one adult supervisor for each room in use. Adults supervising activities shall identify themselves to the caretaker or other Board designated employee prior to the use of facilities.

Special events must not be advertised until a Permit confirming the use of the requested facility has been received by the applicant. Pay-duty police officers will be required for special events. The number of pay-duty police will be determined by the Police Department. Arrangements are to be made by the permit applicant and payment is to be made according to procedures provided by the Police Department.   The applicant is responsible to provide the TDSB Permit Unit with confirmation that arrangements have been made to have police officers on duty a minimum of five business days prior to the date of the event.  Pay-duty officers must be on duty at least one-half hour before the start of the function until the end of the program and until the parking area is cleared.   


Permit users are required to carry liability insurance naming the Toronto District School Board as "Additional Insured". Many small groups do not carry liability insurance; therefore, the TDSB provides the opportunity, for permit users, to purchase "User Group Liability Insurance" at the time permits are issued. 

Cancellation and Renewal of Permits

  • A permit may be pre-empted if the facilities are needed for an approved school/Board education event.
  • Permits may be cancelled by the Board if any property of the Board is damaged by the Permit Users, if the Permit Users behave in a manner that is unacceptable to the Board, or if the Permit Users fail to use the permitted facilities on any two consecutive bookings.
  • The Board reserves the right to alter or cancel Permits at any time, with or without cause.
  • Permits will be pre-empted if the space is required for polling stations.
  • Cancellations and revisions must be submitted in writing by permit holders and will be subject to a $10.00 charge per cancellation/revision.
  • Late or last minute cancellations by permit holders will be subject to all service charges.
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