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Open Data

Open Data

Increasing the TDSB’s transparency and accountability to the public

Welcome to the Toronto District School Board’s new Open Data Webpage. Our Open Data Policy includes the Context, Action Plan and Associated Timeline, Resource Implications, and Communications Considerations.

The adoption and implementation of this policy ensures that the Toronto District School Board remains transparent in providing useful information to the public via our website.

During the development of our Open Data Policy, we consulted with our Student Senate and Student Councils in April and May of 2018. We consulted with the public in September and October of 2017. There were no substantial content changes as a result of those consultations.


Current Data Posted to our Website

For your reference, here is a list of the data currently available:



Interim Director's Employment Contract:



School Budget and School Generated Funds (2016-2017):

Capital Facts:

Financial Statements (2018-2019):

TDSB Trust Funds (Aug 2019):

TDSB Budget (2020-2021):

Grants for Student Needs Consultation Document:

Three-Year Enrolment and Financial Projections:

Financial Facts: Revenue and Expenditure Trends:

Investments in Student Education:

Financial Facts at a Glance:

Financial Facts at a Glance

Response to Ministry of Education Funding Consultation:

Response to Ministry of Education Funding Consultation

TDSB Written Submission Budget Consultation 2020:

TDSB Written Submission Budget Consultation 2020



Facilities Condition Index (Measurement of the condition of a school building. It does not reflect on the safety of the school building):

Renewal Needs Backlog (Identified school repairs. These repairs do not represent a health or safety concern):

Work Orders (Identified Work Orders by Type, Priority, Description, Example and Response Time):

Facilities Work Orders



Health and Safety Workplace Inspection Reports:


Additional Data will be posted to our Website

In the coming months, we will be posting other types of data that are considered to be of interest to our students, staff, parents and guardians, community members, various levels of government, and the media.


How we determine the Type of Data to be posted to our Website

When considering whether to post data to our Website, we are careful to ensure that posting the data does not breach any legal or privacy issues. For example, data related to students cannot be used to identify any students, staff or other individuals.


We Welcome Your Input

We welcome your input regarding the types of data that you believe should be posted here. Please submit your suggestions to our General Inquiries Mailbox at

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