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Trustee Ward Boundaries for the October 2018 Elections


Before each general election, every school board must determine the number of trustees on their board and the distribution of the trustees across the board’s area of jurisdiction. This process is known as trustee determination and distribution and is governed by section 58.1 of the Education Act and Ontario Regulation 412/00, Elections to and Representation on District School Boards.

On March 21, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved the number of trustees and the distribution of trustees for the October 2018 election.

Number of Trustees
The number of trustees is based on the total electoral voter population in the board’s area of jurisdiction determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). A school board with an electoral population of 1,500,000 persons or more qualifies for the maximum number of trustees – 22. According to MPAC, as of January 1, 2018, the City of Toronto had a total English public electoral population of 1,851,226 persons which entitles the TDSB to have 22 trustees.

Distribution of Trustees
Trustees are distributed across the school board’s area of jurisdiction by combining municipal wards into a number of geographic areas to be represented by trustees – trustee wards.  For the TDSB, the City of Toronto municipal wards have been grouped into trustee wards based on the trustee ward boundaries approved by the Board of Trustees at its meeting on February 7, 2018 that came out of the Trustee Ward Boundary Review.

Map of Trustee Ward Boundaries for the October 2018 Election

List of Schools in Trustee Ward Boundaries for October 2018 Election

Schools Listed by New Trustee Wards - October 2018
*Schools with changed wards are highlighted

Trustee Ward Boundaries for October 2018 Election - ESRI Shapefile Format

Trustee Ward Boundary Review
The TDSB completed a Trustee Ward Boundary Review to align its trustee wards with the new City of Toronto municipal wards recently enacted by Toronto City Council for the election in October 2018. The City’s new municipal ward structure changed the boundaries of most existing municipal wards and increased the number of municipal wards from 44 to 47. Since trustee ward boundaries must follow municipal ward boundaries, it was necessary for the TDSB to develop a new set of trustee wards. The TDSB commissioned an outside consulting group to lead the Trustee Ward Boundary Review. The consultants developed a number of options for the new trustee wards and collected feedback on the options.  The consultants submitted their report to the Board of Trustees in February 2018. The Board approved Option 5.

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