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Two males students from East York talk in a circle

Treating Discipline as a Learning Opportunity at East York CI

You can get suspended from school in Ontario for a lot of things: Swearing at a teacher. Having illegal drugs. Being drunk. Vandalism. Bullying. Fighting. Stealing. Smoking on school property – or these days, vaping.

close up image of male student wearing a hard hat and holding a pair of grips over his shoulder
Taking a New Path Through STEP to Construction

It's only 7:45a.m but Max has been at work for almost an hour, and he's sweating. A lot of the pipes he and the plumber have to lift as they replace the giant "chiller" can be heavy, and no wonder.
teacher is reading from a math book in front of a class of elementary students.
Improving Math by Improving Well-Being at Pelmo Park

Grade 4 students are gathered on the carpet, some lying on their backs, a couple munching on apples from the class fruit bowl. One boy pops over to help himself from a basket of “fidgies” – squeezeable tennis ball stress-busters - while another starts to stroll around the room. Is this free time?
Image of teacher with group of students
Student Voice is Making a Difference at Crescent Town ES

There’s a school in Toronto’s east end so rooted in a high-rise community, it has its own walkway overpass to one of the apartments. But the concrete setting of Crescent Town Elementary School also comes with a lack of play space, except for a steep slope and some asphalt surrounded by fence.
Planting the Seeds of Equity at Oriole Park PS
Planting the Seeds of Equity at Oriole Park PS

They’re only six years old, but they’re learning to write from someone else’s perspective. They quiz grown-up visitors about why some people get excluded from community life. And they’re excited to be able to tell you just what it means to be fair. 
Moms of the World Unite at Rose Ave PS
Moms of the World Unite at Rose Ave PS

A clamour of voices spills out of the school gym; the sound of 80 young mothers sprung free on a school night to share biryani rice with mango salad and talk about…being mothers. 
Creating a Culture of Reading at Emily Carr PS
Creating a Culture of Reading at Emily Carr PS

How does a school pull its Grade 3 writing scores up to 100 per cent, from 59 per cent – in just one year? That means every student who wrote the test this time earned at least a B, or “Level 3,”
The Road to Reading - How Early Reading Coaches are Making a Difference
How Early Reading Coaches are Making a Difference

A new kind of support team is helping out dozens of Grade 1 classrooms across Toronto, ready with fresh tools and tactics to help every child read by the end of the year.
High Expectations for Grade 9s at Westview
High Expectations for Grade 9s at Westview

For the first time in 20 years, students starting Grade 9 at Westview Centennial Secondary School won’t be able to take English at the Applied level.
Right to Read at Runnymede
Right to Read at Runnymede

He was in Grade 9, but he read at a Grade 7 level. He could de-code words, but the overall meaning didn’t sink in. Books were boring, he said. He had no confidence in class.
Student Voice Boosts Confidence at Amesbury
Student Voice Boosts Confidence at Amesbury

When it comes to confidence, the kids of Amesbury Middle School are on a roll. The school sent two Grade 7 students to observe the Toronto District School Board’s high school Student Senate

trending@tdsb will take you inside schools across the Toronto District School Board to discover some of the exciting changes underway behind the classroom door. Fresh kinds of learning, new ways of teaching, reaching deeper into their communities, putting equity into action and all-round cool schools with stories to share. 

Photo of Louise Brown

Louise Brown covered education for the Toronto Star for almost 20 years, over nearly four decades. She is fascinated by schools trying new ways to engage students in the most diverse school board in the country. These are the stories she will share on trending@tdsb.

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