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Calendar of Events During Skilled Trades Month

There are lots of exciting ways you can learn more about skilled trades and apprenticeship opportunities available to you! See the listing of events for the month where you can meet with industry professionals and post-secondary institutions to learn more.


October 5, 2015 : TDSB Dual Credit Students in Action at George Brown College

TDSB students have an opportunity to attend George Brown College to earn a college and high school credit in machining.  This course introduces students to metal machining fundamentals in a conventional machine shop environment.  Students study the operation and principles of metal cutting equipment.  Metal machining techniques are practiced and students apply their learning through a variety of problem-based projects. 


October 7, 2015: See Northview Heights SS Students in Action

Students participate in hands-on learning in the Northview Heights Secondary School’s Hospitality and Tourism program – a Specialist High Skills Major program. 


October 8, 2015 : See Agincourt Collegiate Students in Action

A visit to Agincourt CI’s transportation facility where students utilize the engineering design process to solve real-world problems.


October 15, 2015: Central Technical School Students in Action in Specialized OYAP programs.

A variety of rich, student-centered and differentiated learning opportunities at Central Technical School are available to students through a number of specialized OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) programs. The specialized OYAP programs in construction, culinary and cosmetology are celebrated on this day as we hear students voice their development of technical skills and critical thinking skills while showcasing their creativity and innovation during hands-on demonstrations.


October 16, 2015:  Danforth Technical School Students in Action in the Transportation Technological Education Program

Problem based learning is showcased in Danforth Technical School’s Transportation Technological Education program where students problem solve while being creative and developing the critical thinking skills essential to their success in careers in the skilled trades and technologies. 


October 19, 2015: David and Mary Thomson CI Students Collaborate in Learning - Information Communication Technology Specialist High Skills Major Program

Creativity, collaborative inquiry and the design process are embedded in all of the learning, and application of real-world concepts, facilitated through the lens of Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students at David and Mary Thomson CI. This Information Communication Technology SHSM program creates opportunities for students to participate and experience contextualized learning that is related to the industry sector, in order to develop the knowledge and skills essential for a seamless transition into post-secondary education.


October 20, 2015: Don Mill CI Students Showcase their Growth in Learning - Green Industries Technologies

Students in the Green Industries program at Don Mills CI are empowered to solve environmental problems in their local and global communities in order to be positive members and contributors to society, while developing 21st century skills and knowledge through solution-focused problem-solving.  This creative approach to Green Industries enhances collaboration, reinforces critical thinking skills and leads to innovative ideas and processes.

Pictures at Don Mills Pictures at Don Mills Pictures at Don Mills Pictures at Don Mills


October 21, 2015: ‘Methods of Construction’ Dual Credit Students at Humber College North Campus

Students enrolled in the “Methods of Construction” dual credit course develop an understanding of the importance and function of buildings and infrastructure in the 21st century.  Students study elements of design, construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure while focusing on the sustainability of our existing and new buildings and infrastructure.

Pictures at Humber Pictures at Humber Pictures at Humber Pictures at Humber

October 23, 2015: ‘Wrap Up with Rice’ Culinary Competition 2015

Following a district-wide food school recipe competition, the winning student teams from Lawrence Park CI, Central Technical School and Thistletown CI participated in the ‘Wrap Up with Rice’ Culinary Competition, to celebrate feed tomorrow, a weeklong series of events organized by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.  Engaging activities were held in TDSB schools and in the larger community to raise awareness about child hunger in Toronto and to raise funds for food and nutrition related  programs for students. The competition was held at the outstanding Maple Leaf Gardens, President’s Choice Cooking School. 

Pictures of Wrap it up with rice event Pictures of Wrap it up with rice event Pictures of Wrap it up with rice event Pictures of Wrap it up with rice event Pictures of Wrap it up with rice event


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