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Preparing for Entry to a TDSB School (Secondary)

If you child will be entering grades 9-12 and has special education needs, call your local school as soon as possible to discuss Registration and to set up an appointment to meet with the Principal.   At this meeting, you will be 

able to share your child’s needs, any documentation and discuss supports that are available for your child.  By planning early, your child will have the supports and resources they need for a successful transition to school. Following registration, most children will be placed in a regular classroom.  A few children may require a Transition Planning Conference or may be referred to the local School Support Team before starting school.  For some children, the School Support Team may recommend a referral to a Special Education Program Recommendation Committee.

Students are expected to transition age appropriately from division to division throughout the school years.

Students complete their secondary schooling and transition out in June of the calendar year in which they turn 21 years of age [as per the Education Act, S33(1)].

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