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Assistive Technology

At the TDSB we believe that all students, not just those with special needs, can benefit from the use of assistive technology.  Many of our schools use Read & Write as a literacy support in the classroom. Students and parents can also download the software for free to use on their home computers. 


Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is an assistive technology software designed to provide literacy support for students of all ages and abilities. This software helps students when reading or writing, supporting them in developing their literacy skills and allowing them to enjoy greater independence across the curriculum.

Contact the Principal of your child’s local school to receive the required user name and password and follow the download and installation instructions below: 


Special Equipment Amount (SEA)

SEA refers to software, hardware and other equipment used to accommodate students where the need for specific equipment is deemed essential by a qualified professional.


SEAside News

SEAside News provides information about the use of assistive technology in the TDSB. The newsletter also features software tips and tricks, answers to frequently asked questions, and success stories.

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