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School Within a College (SWAC) Program

In this type of program, secondary school courses are taught by secondary school teachers, and college dual credit courses are taught by college professors or instructors, within a collaborative learning community on a college campus. These programs are aimed at students who have the potential to succeed but are at risk of not graduating and students who have left school before graduating. Students must be in at least one dual credit course in each semester.

A SWAC program may be delivered in a variety of ways. For example, in some models, students generally participate in a comprehensive program at a college five days a week for one or two semesters (some may participate for only one semester). They spend most of the first semester working on secondary school courses (including courses they may be taking through credit recovery), along with one dual credit course on “college readiness” taught by a college professor or instructor. In the second semester, students take one or more college dual credit course(s) of their choosing, as well as additional secondary school course(s). Other models may be organized differently.

In all SWAC programs, dual credit teachers provide supervision and support, including instruction in literacy, learning skills, and work habits. Teachers also assist students in accessing support from the college and the school board as needed.

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