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Mental Health & Well-Being

We know that mental well-being is vital to academic success. Yet mental well-being can often be overlooked. 

Why Children's Mental Well-being Matters

The fact is that children and youth can suffer from all of the same challenges that confront adults – anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, and more. Research consistently indicates that 1 in 5 children experience mental well-being issues. This statistic translates into approximately 40,000 students in the TDSB. 

We also know that there’s a direct link between the availability of social, emotional, psychological and physical supports and student achievement. In a world where we cannot keep our students immune from all sorts of challenges, making sure we pay attention when they are struggling is a must for educators. 

How TDSB Supports Children's Mental Well-being

Supporting mental well-being means much more than offering a sympathetic ear.  It means providing real, practical information and dispelling myths. It means connecting you and your family with the right resources when they are faced with a crisis and fostering resilience to help you bounce back from disappointment and navigate life’s challenges successfully. 

We take a holistic approach that includes:

School Social Workers

School social workers and attendance counsellors help children, families, teachers and administrators to maximize a child's educational experience. When students experience undue stress, they often have trouble in school and social workers work to help you overcome.

For helpful readings please visit our resources section.

Caring and Safe Schools

Providing a safe, nurturing environment where every student feels valued is critical. According to a Canadian Mental Health Association study, students who have a high sense of belonging, who really feel attached to their school or an adult, report less substance abuse, fewer incidents of bullying and victimization, better school attendance and stronger academic performance. 

Child and Youth Services

As part of a team, Child & Youth Workers and Child & Youth Counsellors play an important role in helping students acquire and build the communication, self-management, academic, and social skills that lead to success.

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Psychological Services

With specialized training and years of experience in a school setting, Psychological Services staff share ideas and suggestions on some of the most common issues faced by children, teens and their parents.

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As people devoted to the well-being of ALL of students, TDSB staff know that relationships are critical; one caring and strong adult in a child’s life can make a tremendous difference. 

Community Partnerships

We work in concert with a range of community agencies to support children and youth with mental well-being issues. A number of these programs are highlighted here


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