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In 2011, the TDSB conducted a student and parent census that yielded vital information in the area of mental health. Through survey questions about students' emotional well-being that were included for the first time, it was confirmed that mental health is a top priority for our elementary and secondary students.

The 2011 - 2012 Student and Parent Census established that:

  • 73% of students between Grades 9-12 worried about their future and 59% of students in Grades 7-8 reported worrying about their future
  • Over a third of Grade 9 -12 students reported that they were under a lot of stress (38%) and also reported they were nervous or anxious (34%) 'often' or 'all of the time'
  • The majority of students reported that they worried about their school work 'all the time' or 'often' - Grades 9-12 students (71%) and Grades 7-8 students (64%)

Learn more about how our 2011-2012 Student and Parent Census is helping to shape strategies and adjust supports that will further strengthen schools and help every student succeed.

A 2012 TDSB Survey (Resource Mapping) of 210 elementary and secondary schools, involving a range of school staff numbering over 900 revealed that;

  • 97% of respondents reported that student emotional well-being is very/extremely important to academic achievement in their school
  • Respondents indicated that Anxiety (44%) and Depression (41%) were their primary concerns
  • Staff reported that a stronger, more coordinated approach to mental health is needed to better serve our students
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