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School councils are an excellent way for you to get involved in your child’s education. Every TDSB school has an elected school council. Your school council is an important forum for involving all members of the school community in matters that affect the education of students.

The school council is made up of an elected committee of parents, staff and student representatives, appointed community members, the principal, and a general membership which includes all parent of children attending the school. The school council advises the principal and the Board on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, renovation plans, after school activities, and criteria for selection of new principals.

The TDSB Parent and Community Involvement Policy includes detailed information regarding Operating Guidelines for School Councils.

The Ministry of Education has produced a document entitled School Councils: A Guide For Members, to assist parents and administrators in participating in, supporting and managing school councils.

The procedures for school council funds document provides information about financial reporting for school councils. A PSAB template and Semi Annual Report Template have also been created to assist school council members in reporting their finances. 

School council members should request information about the School Council Insurance Program. The school Principal will be able to obtain all the necessary information.

For more information on your school council, speak with your local school directly. You can also contact Michelle Munroe, Central Coordinator, Parent and Community Engagement at 416 397-3528. 

Many school councils are very active in their community and on occasion, participate or organize events that are not under the control of the school board. In these situations, the board’s liability policy may not provide protection to the school council, its members or volunteers acting on behalf of the school council. As such, it is important to ensure that your school council has appropriate coverage in place to protect the council, its members, and volunteers accordingly.

Some examples of events that school councils organize which may not be under the direct control of the board and, therefore, not covered by the board’s policy:

  • Fundraising activities including fun fairs 
  • Wine and cheese socials
  • Home coming class reunions (including functions involving alcohol)
  • Santa Clause parades, etc.

    School Councils and Insurance Information Sheet

    School Council Request Form: November 1, 2016 – November 1, 2017

    School Council Insurance Incident Reporting Form

    To purchase coverage please complete the attached application form and return back to 

    Should you have policy coverage, risk management or claims related questions or if you would like to purchase additional coverage extensions (refer to exclusions section on the back of this form) please contact:

    Questions: purchase policy coverage, risk management or claim process information, contact: Questions: purchase policy coverage, and risk management, contact: To File a Claim: complete the Incident Reporting Form and submit by email. In emergency cases, you may want to contact the adjuster by phone.

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