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SEAC Seeks Reforms

The TDSB Special Education Advisory Committee wants to work with the Toronto District School Board and staff to bring about improvements to special education supports, programs and services. SEAC began last year by establishing priorities and an action plan for making recommendations to the board. Agreed upon priorities included exploring the following questions:

  • How can TDSB improve its process for deciding what educational services and supports a child with special needs will receive?
  • How can TDSB improve the range of educational placements, programs and services offered to students with special needs?
  • What can be done to more effectively make TDSB education fully accessible, barrier-free and inclusive to children with special needs?
  • What are the “Big Picture” concerns regarding TDSB’s delivery of education to students with special needs.

SEAC’s focus on these priorities throughout the 2015-2016 school year has resulted in its development of a package of recommendations on ways in which the Toronto District School Board can improve the delivery of education to students with special education needs. The package of motions was adopted by SEAC at the June 13, 2016 meeting and addresses the following areas:

  • The Right of Parents, Guardians and Students with Special Education Needs to Know about TDSB Special Education Programs, Services, and Supports, and How to Access Them
  • Ensuring that Parents, Guardians and Students Have a Fair and Effective Process for Raising Concerns about TDSB’s Accommodation of the Education Needs of Students with Special Education Needs
  • Ensuring a Fully Accessible Built Environment at TDSB Schools
  • Ensuring Digital Accessibility at TDSB

For a copy of the document, please click here.

SEAC’s next steps involve communication about their recommendations with trustees, parents and staff and public input is invited. SEAC members can be contacted directly as posted on the SEAC Membership page or through the SEAC Liaison at:

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