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The Elevate Project

The Elevate Project is a program designed to strengthen services for persons most impacted by poverty, and supported by the Local Poverty Reduction Fund (LPRF), which is administered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation on behalf of the Ontario government. The program will allow our seven Next-Steps Employment Centres to focus on providing enhanced services to individuals who have experienced long-term unemployment, and those who are currently not in employment, education or training.

The project aims to improve outcomes for persons most impacted by poverty, and seeks to develop and implement three process improvements:
    1. Employment Service Plan Framework (ESPF) - consistent across all the Next-Steps Centres. ESPF is a coaching-based framework for case management to engage and support clients through the service, resulting in increased service consistency and improved outcomes.
    2. Motivational Interview training for staff - to improve client engagement and outcomes by strengthening individual’s own motivation and commitment to change.
    3. Professional Case Note Writing & Documentation - Next-Steps Centre staff will be provided with training on standardized case note practices to reinforce and support staff's move to a standardized Employment Service Plan Framework. In addition, the training will ensure all staff use professional writing styles and language that remains objective, impartial and non-judgmental.

After engaging in these changes, a formal evaluation process will be used to confirm, track, record and report on the impact these changes have had on the employment outcomes of those persons served by the Next-Steps Centres.

Through the implementation of the Elevate Project, the seven Next-Steps Employment Centres will focus on providing assistance to individuals, offering the resources and guidance to help elevate them to achieve their employment and training goals.

For more information, please contact:

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Funding provided by: the Government of Ontario | Aide financière est fournie par : le gouvernement de l'Ontario

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