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Business Development

The TDSB engages with many community davusmembers, organizations and businesses for distribution of materials, donations, employee discounts, fundraising, grants and sponsorship opportunities with the goal of enhancing the learning experiences of our students. This area of the TDSB is overseen by the Business Development department team. For more information, contact or 416-397-3510.

Distribution of Materials

Any distribution or display of communications that will be placed in schools or on school property has to be with the consent of the Board.  Business Development will facilitate the review process for all materials and a decision will be made on whether or not to distribute or display the materials.  This process supports the TDSB’s responsibility to ensure that all material aligns with our Mission and Values Statement and other TDSB policies and procedures. For more information about distributing materials, please contact Meera McDonald, Business Development Coordinator at

Donations (Monetary or In-kind)

Donations may take the form of gifts of property or funds given to support a specific school(s) or TDSB initiative. The TDSB issues charitable tax receipts for donations of $25 or more.  A letter of acknowledgement is sent to foundations in recognition of their donation.  For more information or to make a donation, please contact Michelle Davis, Business Development Coordinator at


Fundraising is considered any local school activity that generates revenue and/or in-kind resources such as the sale of products and services, donations, grants and sponsorships. Business Development provides support in all these areas and is a resource for schools and school councils.

For more information about fundraising or to be considered as an approved TDSB fundraising/fun fair vendor, please contact Michelle Davis, Business Development Coordinator at


Support is available to all schools and/or school councils as they consider applying for grants and as they move through the application process.  Grants are reviewed to ensure they align with TDSB policies and procedures.  If you require more information, please contact Meera McDonald, Business Development Coordinator at


Sponsorships are negotiated to offer schools and TDSB departments support for activities and initiatives.  A charitable tax receipt is not issued for sponsorships. Rather, the sponsor is given a letter of acknowledgement and other agreed upon recognition.  If you require more  information, contact Meera McDonald, Business Development Coordinator at

Employee Discount Program

The TDSB actively recruits vendors to the TDSB Employee Discount Program.  Many of our partner companies provide a variety of offers including preferred pricing, discounts and packages that are available to all TDSB staff.  If you are interested in becoming a TDSB Employee Discount Program vendor, please contact Meera McDonald, Business Development Coordinator at

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