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TDSB Reader's Choice

Check out the Reader’s Choice selections below to see what titles TDSB students are reading and to get ideas of what to read next.

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TDSB Reader’s Choice — November 2017

* Blue links lead to the TDSB Library catalogue.
* Green links lead to the Toronto Public Library catalogue.

Grade 1

Underpants for Ants by Russell Punter
Submitted by Owen at Kennedy Public School
It's a lively story with irresistible illustrations. It'll be enjoyed by children beginning to read.

The Good Little Book by Kyo Maclear
Submitted by Akshaya at Kennedy Public School
TDSB readers should read this book because it has lots of animal characters. The pictures are like artwork in this book. They really look fantastic! I enjoyed reading this book.

Grade 2

The Snurtch by Sean Ferrell
Submitted by Maya at Chine Drive Public School
I like this book because it teaches you not to be rude like the snurtch.

It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr
Submitted by Chloe at David Lewis Public School
You should read this book because it is funny. My favorite part was when the boy was eating in the bathtub. It was very funny!

Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett
Submitted by Isla and James at Norman Ingram Public School
This story is about a ghost who wants to be friends with humans. The author’s message is to make friends and not be afraid. It doesn't matter who they are. I like this book because Leo saves the day and he makes friends. This book would be great to share with anybody.

Grade 3 

Nous avons trouvé un chapeau by Jon Klassen
Submitted by Keeley at Earl Beatty Junior and Senior Public School
J'ai lu Nous avons trouvé un chapeau par Jon Klassen. Les personnages principaux sont deux tortues. Ce livre s’agit de deux tortues qui trouvent un chapeau. Ils regardent bien tous les deux pour un autre chapeau mais il y a qu'un seul chapeau. Alors, ils laissent le chapeau, et ils commencent à dormir. Un des tortues dit à l’autre : « Est-ce que tu dors? » L’autre dit : « Oui. » Le reste est pour toi de découvrir. J'aime ce livre parce qu’il a un texte très riche.

Bird and Squirrel by James Burks
Submitted by Maike at Blantyre Public School
It is super, super funny. The pictures are amazing and the series is really fun to read.

Animals Visual Encyclopedia by Tom Jackson
Submitted by Joelle at Ogden Junior Public School
This is a very interesting dictionary. It has many sections of animals and cool pictures. People do not have to read the whole book. They can just flip to the section with the animal they are looking for and then they can skim to the page of the animal they are looking for. Next, they can read some cool things about the animal and see a picture next to it.

Fourth Grade

Guardians of Ga’hoole: The Capture by Katherine Lasky
Submitted by Parker at Fairglen Junior Public School
This book is really interesting. I've watched the movie and man, the books are even better. Too good to be true!!!! Awesome movie and books. Hope you read it too!

The Blackthorn Key by Kevin Sands
Submitted by Xia at Queen Victoria Junior Public School
WARNING: If you are looking for a calm nothing-happens story, DON'T read this book. The Blackthorn Key is a definite page turner, like a portal sucking you in. It is about a boy (whose name is Christopher Rowe) who is an apprentice to an apothecary who goes by the name Mr. Benedict. Christopher is happy to learn remedies and poisons with his master, but when a cult goes around murdering and torturing all of the apothecaries he must do whatever he can to stay alive...

Warduff and the Pelican Piratesby Mat Head
Submitted by Ms. Collict’s HSP Class at Wilmington Elementary School
We liked this story because the Pelican Pirates did not get the fish because they were mean to the penguins and the cat. We liked this story because it was fun to read. There was a lot of adventure. We liked this story when the Pelican Pirates’ boat sank because they were rude. We think the message in the story is to not be mean and steal from others. We think this book would be good for any grade and any age because everyone likes adventure stories.

Fifth Grade

Posted by David James Anderson
Submitted by Raahim at Cherokee Public School
Other TDSB readers should read this book because it has a lot of parts that teach about real life in 8th grade. It is in real detail, and whenever I start reading it I feel like I should keep reading it forever. This book was so interesting that I read the whole entire book in one day. It has a great introduction. The way I found out about this book was when people started talking about it, and we did a novel study about it. This is why I think other TDSB readers should read this awesome book!

Brave by Svetlana Chmakova
Submitted by Lexye at Claireville Junior School
Other readers should read this book because it is really interesting and so realistic to other middle school students like the character Jensen Graham. Every time I read this book I always think about what my middle school life will be like. I read this book over and over again because it is such an amazing book. That is why other kids should read it.

Warriors: A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter
Submitted by Chang Chang at Three Valleys Public School
One of my favourite books is Warriors: A Dangerous Path. It is about cats separated into 4 clans: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Shadowclan (MY FAVOURITE!) fighting over land. It has great, in-depth characters and amazing plots. It showcases interesting topics and is very funny. It can leave you in moments of suspense and wanting more. Some characters have important traits. It also has great romantic moments that will leave you squealing. There are also sad moments that will make you cry yourself to sleep. There are lots of books in the series and lots of prequels to give you even more knowledge about some of the characters. I also like it because there are so many points of views that contradict others in a way that will confuse you but also make the book a lot better. Tragedy is also a big part -- it may be sad but it is important. Sometimes characters might seem crazy and insane but from their point of view, they are innocent and harmless. There is also lots of character development, like Graystripe who goes from innocent and laidback to serious and cold-hearted. I’m only doing this specific book because it is my favourite, but all the other books are also great.

Sixth Grade

Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Submitted by Matthew at McMurrich Junior Public School
When I first got this book at a garage sale, I had some second thoughts about it. But when my dad got me to start reading it, I couldn't stop. Eragon is a book about a boy and his dragon and you get to see over time how the boy and his dragon grow fond of each other.

Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick
Submitted by Laiba at Meadowvale Public School
I really loved this book. It was so much fun. It is like a wonderland full of emotion and a roller coaster. And I loved it. I was just waiting for what happened next and it was a cliff-hanger at the end. I am way too excited!!!!!! And I can't even tell you how much fun I had reading this book. I also loved the illustrations in the book. They were so well drawn. I just wanted to read even more of the book. I know that when you read this book you will absolutely love it. Just can’t wait for Wonder Struck number 2.

As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds
Submitted by Sabine at Hillcrest Community School
This book was filled with fun and pretty much opened a portal into a totally different world. I would definitely recommend this book to just about everybody. When I first got it, I tried to put it off for as long as I could because it looked really long and tiresome. I finally came to my senses and decided to read it, because it has three different medals and when I read the back it seemed pretty good. As soon as I started reading I instantly relaxed and began not wanting to put it down. One of my favourite parts was when Genie, the main character in the book, comes downstairs and realizes his grandpa's secret, which I'm not going to tell you because it would spoil the whole book. During the book I actually started keeping sticky notes by my bed, and when I finished a chapter, I would write a prediction on the sticky notes and when I finished the chapter, I would look back on my prediction and tell if I was right, wrong, or close. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seventh Grade

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
Submitted by Adiba at John McCrae Public School
Okay, okay. I'm suggesting a Harry Potter book. My friends would call me a total geek for this, but here goes nothing. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD TOTALLY READ THIS BOOK!!! It's an amazing read, and I guarantee, everyone who reads this book will become completely obsessed with this. I was! There are 7 books in total, be sure to check them all out!
P.S. These books may seem really thick, but trust me: the time flies when you're reading them!

Shattered Glass by Teresa Toten
Submitted by Grace at Sir Alexander MacKenzie Senior Public School
This book was a real page-turner! It was so addictive that I wanted to never stop reading it. This author wrote so well that I went online to see if she had written any more books, and she has! I can't wait to start reading them!

Messenger by Lois Lowry
Submitted by Mohamad Ghaith at Valley Park Middle School
I definitely recommend this book to others because it is enjoyable to read for three main reasons: first, all characters have their own unique personalities that make them stand out. Example, one of Matty’s character traits is that he’s impatient, as stated in the book, multiple times (here are a few examples they mentioned in the book: Matty was impatient to have the supper preparations over and done with & Matty couldn’t wait to cook, eat and be gone). The book is also filled with many mysteries that make you ask questions and think, instead of being a normal old boring book that gives all the information away without making us (the reader) think. Finally, the book is engaging. Every time something interesting happens it feels like you are there in the book and you witnessed it (for example, when the forest closed on Matty and Kira it felt like it also closed on you -- like you were there).

The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier
Submitted by Dawud at Valley Park Middle School
If creepiness, horror, scary, and memorable are the kind of books you love and will never forget, I highly recommend you all read this book. And for the people that don’t like and don’t enjoy reading books, I am one of you guys, but after reading this book, trust me, you’ll never forget this book.

Eighth Grade

How Far Can You Go? by John Maclean & Mark Tabb
Submitted by Shashwat at George B Little Public School
TDSB readers should read this book because it is very motivational. It is about a man named John Maclean and his 25 year quest to walk again. While he was training for a triathlon on a highway in Australia, a truck hit him hard. He became paralyzed for about a year. After the year, he gained control of his upper body but still couldn't move his legs. After some time, he has completed multiple triathlons and won many awards. He was very determined and worked really hard to gain control of his legs. I was very pleased that he came to visit our school. He has given me a lot of courage, motivation and determination.

Listening for Lucca by Suzanne M. Lafleur
Submitted by Hasti at Henry Kelsey Senior Public School
This book talks about how people change people. This book is a little mysterious, but it will make you want to read it all in one day. The things that the girl in the book goes through are amazing, and the author describes her experiences so well that you can see the picture in your head. This book will teach you generally about life, and that's why it makes such a good book.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Submitted by Shivum at Ryerson Community School
This book puts an awesome twist on the classic story Cinderella. It is futuristic, and makes a connection to the world right now. It also deals with some real-world problems like diseases and poverty.

High School

Aya of Yop City by Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie
Submitted by Habeebat at Martingrove Collegiate Institute
This book is really fascinating. I don't really read books but I got drawn to this book the minute I set my eyes on it. It is a graphic novel so you can just tell what is happening. While I was reading the book, it almost felt as if I was in the book. So therefore, I really think you should read this book.

Fragile Bones by Lorna Schulz Nicholson
Submitted by Santhos at SATEC @ WA Porter Collegiate Institute
This beautiful book is about a 15 year old boy who has autism and who loves to study about bones. Nobody understands him and a senior becomes his friend and they hang out and have lots of drama. I love this book! I read this and it helped me understand the importance of life, how helpful friends are and how having one real friend is better than having a million fake friends. I used to have very few friends and would spend lunches alone. For some reason, reading this book encouraged me to create some friends that I can relate to. There is so much emotion in this beautiful book. This book is a true piece of art.

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
Submitted by Lindy at Western Technical-Commercial School
This was a great book because it left me on a cliff hanger and I had to rush to the library and get the next book. Originally I wasn't planning to finish it but the cliff hanger made me. I've told all my friends to read it. Can't wait for the weekend to begin so I can start my new book!

The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin
Submitted by Li at Georges Vanier Secondary School
This is a sci-fi epic. The plot is both unexpected but understandable. This book is full of great imagination. Much of the plot is undoubtedly challenging the limits of human imagination. Reading this book, you will surely feel the unprecedented magnificence of the universe. You will truly understand how small human beings are. This book won the Hugo award. If you are interested in the universe then you will never want to miss this book.

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody
Submitted by Hailey at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute
This book successfully incorporates the mystery genre and sci-fi genres together into one book, which we don't see much of. It's refreshing and so interesting. It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

* Blue links lead to the TDSB Library catalogue.
* Green links lead to the Toronto Public Library catalogue.

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