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Senior Team

This web page displays only vacant positions for which we welcome applications from interested and qualified candidates.

Application instructions and job requirements are listed in the posting; please consider the educational requirements before applying and note required educational qualifications. Only applicants who hold the specified qualifications and who are selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Toronto District School Board adheres to equitable hiring and employment practices.

Please include the title of the position and job competition number (if noted)  for which you are applying in your covering letter and resume.

Opportunities to serve the Toronto District School Board and its communities as an Associate Director of Education

The TDSB is dedicated to the achievement and well-being of each student. Every day, staff members in its 584 schools across the city are privileged to serve students and families of communities as richly diverse and inspiring as any in the world.   

The Toronto District School board is seeking outstanding educational leaders to assume the responsibilities of three Associate Director roles:

These three senior leadership roles, together with the Associate Director, Business Operations and Service Excellence, will provide focused leadership for the achievement of the multi-year Strategic Plan,  the Board’s Vision for Learning and the Integrated Equity Framework. In particular, the Associate Directors, working with the Director of Education, are responsible for:

  • Transforming student learning
  • Creating a culture for student and staff well-being
  • Providing equity of access to learning opportunities for all students
  • Allocating human and financial resources strategically to support student needs
  • Building strong relationships and partnerships within school communities to support student learning and well-being

The four Associate Directors and the Director of Education will advance the TDSB vision for learning and service which is rooted in the following principles guiding the service the TDSB offers to students, staff and communities:

  • Shared leadership
  • Enhanced learning communities: trust, high expectations, staff confidence and efficacy
  • Focused improvement: achievement, well-being, and equity
  • Responsiveness and service excellence

The proposed Senior Team structure reflects the expectations of the TDSB Multi-Year Plan, Vision for Learning and Integrated Equity Framework. The Associate Directors and the Director of Education are committed to:

  • Meeting the requirements of the Multi-Year Plan
  • Providing effective oversight of the strategic commitments leading to increased accountability
  • Creating or enhancing collaborative teams in order to strengthen the impact of TDSB work
  • Supporting Superintendents as the point of contact for parents, staff, and Trustees, and enhancing Superintendent leadership in their schools
  • Allowing those Superintendents and Executive Superintendents who are directly responsible for school improvement to focus their time, energy and resources on their schools (Learning Centre Strategy)
  • Addressing some of the key issues that have emerged through various community engagements (e.g. Enhancing Equity Task Force) namely, access and opportunity to programs, support for students with special needs, anti-oppression and anti-racism strategies, incorporating global competencies in each classroom, supporting student well-being, engaging parents and guardians, commitment to professional learning and challenging all aspects of streaming

The new structure for the Senior Team will have, as its underpinning, a cross-functional approach to leadership. The Associate Directors and the Director will work in a highly collaborative way, supporting and enhancing each other’s efforts to lead a system that is responsive, understands service excellence, and builds positive relationships and partnerships.

The Associate Directors will work with the Director to:

  • Strengthen leadership at all levels of the organization
  • Enhance the collaboration between Superintendents and Principals, supported by the Trustees
  • Give agency to student voice and experience in order to create the learning dynamic that promotes positive student outcomes in ways that are free from any oppression or racism.

Profile and Key Leadership Characteristics for all three Associate Director Positions
All three positions require leaders who are:

  • Capable of working as cross-functional Executives
  • Able to make bold decisions and encourage disruption of old ways while respecting what is working well
  • Possess a deep understanding of equity, anti-oppression and anti-racism
  • Politically astute and sensitive to assisting Trustees with good governance by hearing and responding appropriately to their perspectives
  • Innovative problem solvers and system thinkers, agile in a fast-paced environment
  • Skilled relationship builders who can encourage coherence in process and implementation across the system and break down silos
  • Champions of service excellence based upon a respect of the values and perspectives of the communities served by the TDSB
  • Known for authenticity, integrity, and respect with high credibility as visionary educators
  • Innovators and evidence-based risk takers able to forge results in ambiguity and to mobilize the efforts of others
  • Supporters of staff autonomy and professional growth while monitoring outcomes
  • Knowledgeable with high emotional intelligence and an invitational leadership style
  • Extremely strong written and oral communicators

Our Mission
To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
the knowledge, skills, and values
they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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