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Parent & Community Engagement

We Will Influence leadership and change through Strong Governance
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Stronger supports for governance to provide influential leadership and decision-making in support of improved student achievement, stewardship of the Board's resources and effective delivery of education services to meet the learning needs of all students;
  • Growth of a more sustainable organization, with transparent evidence of institutional accountability, policy development and impact, streamlined decision-making processes, delineation of roles and responsibilities, risk mitigation and relevant stakeholder participation and consultation;
  • Improved accuracy and access to information to support the timely decision-making requirements and requests of the Board;
  • Realization of Years of Action 2013-17.

We Will Renew commitment to Lifelong Learning - Continuing Education
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Increased number of Continuing Education learners and levels of interest and attendance in Continuing Education programs;
  • 100% participation of all Continuing Education EdVance and Adult Day Schools in the District Review process;
  • Improved achievement for students attending Continuing Education programs (credit and literacy/numeracy, after school, evening, summer);
  • Increased partnership work with Consuls to strengthen international relations and global standing.

We Will Develop and implement meaningful Consultation processes
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Consistent implementation of the Community Engagement Policy and Operational Procedure;
  • 100% of Central and School leaders trained on the Community Engagement Continuum and application of the continuum;
  • Transparent and timely responses to challenges about stakeholder input and participation.

We Will Increase and value leadership through School Councils, Parent Academies and Parent Involvement
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • 100% of School Council are aware of how to access Parent Reaching Out and other grants to support their initiatives;
  • 100% of School Councils are provided with information about School Policies and Procedures, Budgets and School Improvement Planning;
  • 100% of Model Schools for Inner Cities Parent Academies are making budget decisions to support self identified training and learning needs;
  • Improved support for Parent Involvement Advisory Committee's mandate and goals, as measured by annual feedback information.

We Will Strengthen Partnership Engagement, Relevancy and Accountability
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Memorandums of Understandings or documented agreements for all Academic and Operational partnerships, with terms of reference (funds, resources, timeline, deliverables, alignment to Years of Action directions, monitoring and renewal);
  • Partnership Development and Engagement training for leaders in all Families of Schools and Central Departments;
  • Active engagement of partnerships that provide staff learning, student programming and organizational benefits to the Board.

We Will Increase Public Confidence through Quality Service Standards
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Improved financial stability, student achievement and parent and community engagement as demonstrated through balance budget plans, effective use of resources, increased success rates for all students and effective parent and community participation;
  • Implementation of Quality Service Standards across all departments and in all schools;
  • Service that is courteous, respectful and professional, with access to accurate information in a timely manner;
  • Increased positive media narratives highlighting school programs, student and staff outcomes and board decisions;
  • Transparent sharing of response to reviews and audits and posting of related information on the Accountability webpage;
  • Effective outreach and promotion of our board through Social Media, Marketing, Website Information and Corporate Branding.

We Will Support Community Engagement through Board Community Advisory Committees
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Our Actions Will Result In;

  • Effective implementation of the recommendations from the Review of the Community Advisory Committees and Workgroups;
  • Review of the role and responsibilities of the Parent and Community Involvement Office to ensure that Community Advisory Committees are effectively supported in gathering public input and communicating with their communities, the public and Trustees;
  • Constructive feedback to Community Advisory Committees so that both staff and representatives' time and efforts are maximized to support the strategic directions of the Board.

Parent and Community Engagement
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