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K-12 Strategy: In November 2012, the TDSB launched Shaping Your Future including a series of community consultations on the changes that are needed to meet the needs of students in the future. The consultations sought feedback on how to develop a system that ensures the right opportunities and supports are in place to prepare students for the future as they transition from our schools to future learning choices, careers and life as responsible, caring citizens in our democratic society. The resulting strategy will drive all future Board decisions so that the right programs are offered in the right places and the right spaces.

Deep Operational Review:  As part of the June 2012 budget process, the Board asked the Ministry of Education for a deep review of operations at the TDSB. The Ministry brought in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct the review and after accepting the report the Board is making progress on implementing the recommendations. The report looked at several departments within the TDSB — including Facilities, Construction, Finance, and Human Resources — to find operational and financial efficiencies.

School Effectiveness District Reviews: The District Review is a collaborative process used to help school staffs to honour success and further refine instructional practice, for the purpose of improving student achievement. This past year, Superintendent led teams completed 100 school District Reviews across the board. In the year ahead, 100 more schools will be involved in District Reviews. As well, a parallel process involving community members will be implemented.

Board, Family of Schools and School Improvement Plans: Focused attention towards ensuring Family of Schools and local School Improvement Plans meaningfully supported the Board's Academic Improvement Plan was evident throughout the year. This included intentional action to support and monitor progress of our Special Education learners.

Program Area Reviews involving 41 school communities were conducted during 2011-2012 to address program and accommodation issues. The results have been positive and include new program offerings such as the Elementary Alternative Learning Options grade configurations and boundary changes.

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To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire
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they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.
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