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Facilities Work Orders

As part of the TDSB's ongoing commitment to transparency, databases containing work orders will be made available online and will continue to be updated each year.

Below is a glossary of terms found in the documents. In some cases, the titles attached to work orders do not fully reflect the work conducted. The title often represents the initial request and does not include information about additional work required to complete the job. Contact us at if you have any questions.


2015-2016 Work Orders (Excel .xlsx format, 36MB) 

Understanding the Work Order Data

The work orders listed above are broken down by school year. Once a school year is selected, an Excel spreadsheet will open with the work order information for that year. Please note that there are three tabs in each spreadsheet that provide additional information on the same work orders. A glossary of terms found in the document has been created to help understand the work order information.

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